Training where theory is combined with practice.

Retail sales training

Making the sales people understand customer psychological and physical signals. Making the sales process enjoyable and comfortable for both sales as the customer.

Explaining the psychology behind the human decision making process. It gives salespeople the tools on how to make an effective sale. It gives supervisors techniques on how to motivate their sales team and lead them with consistent growing results. Once the course is completed, you will receive all the written materials and there is also a 1h live QA round with me. The CERTIFICATION will be sent to you! In order to keep your team engaged, we offer Live QA sessions for your new sales people every month.


Certification, that quarantines that sales person has acquired necessary knowledge. You need to enter all participants name/names, their email, if possible address. Then we can send after taking sales test
A certification, that test is passed and salesperson is qualified.
1 h live Q/A. Question Answer live session with me, Triin Randloo For that you need to book a time.
Sales materials, here you can take notes while watching videos, and later on remind tips that were given to you.
Make a Sale by Triin Randloo

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